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38 Task Force (2016)- Dramacool

A special task force will mix cops and criminals in order to catch bad guys, but this time the good-bad guys will be con artists who use their skills of fraud and deception in order to help catch tax evaders.
While the working class faithfully pays its taxes, the wealthiest elite uses elaborate schemes to get out of paying their fair share of taxes. Righteous Baek Sung Il is a civil service employee who works as the Division 3 Chief at the National Tax Service who becomes fed up with the wealthiest citizens circumventing Article 38, which governs tax payments. Under pressure from his bosses to increase his division’s delinquent tax collections, Sung Il tries to go after the largest tax evader in the country, Ma Jin Seok, a shady Gangnam businessman who owes the country an estimated $50 million in back taxes. But when Sung Il and his faithful subordinate Chun Sung Hee are humiliated by Jin Seok and faced with possible disciplinary action, Sung Il realizes that he needs help going after the corrupt businessman. He accepts the help of professional scammer Yang Jung Do to beat Jin Seok at his own game.

  • Native Title: 38사기동대
  • Also Known As: 38sagidongdae , 38 Police Squad , 38 Revenue Collection Unit , Police Unit 38 , Squad 38 , Tax Team 38
  • Screenwriter: Han Jung Hoon
  • Director: Han Dong Hwa
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    • Score: 8.1 (scored by 6,140 users)
    • Ranked: #1027
    • Popularity: #556
    • Watchers: 16,448


    • Drama: 38 Task Force
    • Country: South Korea
    • Episodes: 16
    • Aired: Jun 17, 2016 – Aug 6, 2016
    • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
    • Original Network: OCN
    • Duration: 60 min.
    • Content Rating: 15+ – Teens 15 or older

    • Ma Dong Seok in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Ma Dong Seok

      Baek Seong Il

      Main Role

    • Seo In Guk in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Seo In Guk

      Yang Jeong Do

      Main Role

    • Choi Soo Young in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Choi Soo Young

      Cheon Seong Hee

      Main Role

    • Song Ok Sook in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Song Ok Sook

      No Bang Shil [38 Task Force member]

      Support Role

    • Heo Jae Ho in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Heo Jae Ho

      Jang Hak Joo [38 Task Force member]

      Support Role

    • Go Gyu Pil in 38 Task Force Korean Drama (2016)
      Go Gyu Pil

      Jung Ja Wang [38 task force member]

      Support Role

    38 Task Force (2016) photo
    38 Task Force (2016) photo
    38 Task Force (2016) photo
    38 Task Force (2016) photo
    38 Task Force (2016) photo
    38 Task Force (2016) photo

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