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A story about rebirth and redemption follows the life of a grassroots family. After 14 years in prison, Jian Leng tries to rebuild his life and in the process, finds love in an art gallery owner who bears scars from her previous marriage.

Fourteen years ago, Leng Jian’s wife became a victim of rape. Enraged, Leng Jian hurts the man who violated his wife which results in the man being paralized for life. Leng Jian is sentenced to 18 years in prison for intentional assault. He is released 4 years early yet finds that neither his younger sister Leng Shan nor his son Leng Tianyou whom he’s never met have come to welcome him.

Leng Shan’s good friend Yuan Shan owns an art gallery. Married to her fuerdai husband Cai Yonghao, their relationship is respectful yet never passionate and the marriage ultimately crumbles because of a third party. In helping Yuan Shan find love again, Leng Jian starts to fall for her and two broken souls begin a healing process through each other’s company.
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  • Native Title: 说好不流泪
  • Also Known As: 说好不流泪 , I Said, No More Tears , Shuo Haobu Liulei , No More Tears
  • Screenwriter: Ye Chin
  • Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life
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  • Cast & Credits

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    • Jing Gang Shan

      Leng Jian

      Main Role

    • Ting Zhang in Agreed Not to Cry Chinese Drama (2013)
      Ting Zhang

      Yuan Zhen

      Main Role

    • Liu Min in Agreed Not to Cry Chinese Drama (2013)
      Liu Min

      Leng Shan

      Main Role

    • Leo Wu in Agreed Not to Cry Chinese Drama (2013)
      Leo Wu

      Leng Tian You

      Main Role

    • Anna Fang in Agreed Not to Cry Chinese Drama (2013)
      Anna Fang

      Huang Dou Dou

      Support Role

    • Li Hao Han in Agreed Not to Cry Chinese Drama (2013)
      Li Hao Han

      Cai Yong Hao

      Support Role


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    • Drama: Agreed Not to Cry
    • Country: China
    • Episodes: 36
    • Aired: Sep 18, 2013 – 2013
    • Duration: 45 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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