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Inspector Sugishita Ukyo, head of the Special Missions Division, returns from London and goes home in the sports car of Assistant Inspector Kanbe Takeru, who has come to meet him at Narita Airport even though Ukyo did not ask him to. However, on the way home, Ukyo notices police officers from the Metropolitan Police Department conducting a crackdown outside the agency’s jurisdiction in Chiba Prefecture and gets suspicious. The police officers that Ukyo had seen were riding motorcycles. He lies in wait in a street with a dead end, but the motorcycle police have vanished into thin air. Ukyo is mystified and begins a thorough investigation. The Head of the National Police Agency’s Secretariat, Onoda Koken, appears before Ukyo, who has a bad feeling about what is going on. He tells Ukyo that Honda Atsuto, a revolutionist and senior leader of the leftist radicals “Red Canary”, has secretly returned to Japan.

  • Native Title: 相棒 シーズン8
  • Also Known As: Partners: Season 8 , Aibou 8 , Aibo 8 , Partners 8
  • Screenwriter: Kosawa Ryota, Tokunaga Tomihiko, Sakurai Takeharu, Todayama Masashi, Koshimizu Yasuhiro, Brasilie Ann Yamada, Ota Ai
  • Director: Higashi Shinji, Anyoji Takumi, Hashimoto Hajime, Izumi Seiji
  • Cast & Credits

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    • Mizutani Yutaka

      Sugishita Ukyou

      Main Role

    • Oikawa Mitsuhiro in Aibou: Season 8 Japanese Drama (2009)
      Oikawa Mitsuhiro

      Kanbe Takeru

      Main Role

    • Takagi Saya in Aibou: Season 8 Japanese Drama (2009)
      Takagi Saya

      Miyabe Tamaki

      Support Role

    • Kawahara Kazuhisa in Aibou: Season 8 Japanese Drama (2009)
      Kawahara Kazuhisa

      Itami Kenichi

      Support Role

    • Otani Ryosuke in Aibou: Season 8 Japanese Drama (2009)
      Otani Ryosuke

      Miura Shinsuke

      Support Role

    • Ono Ryou in Aibou: Season 8 Japanese Drama (2009)
      Ono Ryou

      Nakazono Teruo

      Support Role


    • Score: 7.9 (scored by 23 users)
    • Ranked: #59486
    • Popularity: #99999
    • Watchers: 83


    • Drama: Aibou: Season 8
    • Country: Japan
    • Episodes: 19
    • Aired: Oct 14, 2009 – Mar 10, 2010
    • Aired On: Wednesday
    • Original Network: TV Asahi
    • Duration: 54 min.
    • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

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