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Are bamboo bones safe for dogs?

Bamboo dog bones or bam bones as they are known are safe for dogs. They are made with bamboo fibers which are natural and edible. They are neither too hard to cause broken teeth nor are they too soft that your dog loses interest in them. This makes them safe chew toys for dogs.

People also ask, should dogs chew on bamboo?

Most dogs love to chew, especially puppies who gnaw on anything and everything to help their adult teeth break through. If you found Dexter chewing on the bamboo growing in your garden don’t worry; it won’t hurt him. However, you may have heard that bamboo is toxic to dogs.

Subsequently, question is, what are the best bones for dogs to chew? Here are the best Long-Lasting Dog Chews:

  1. Bully Sticks. Bully sticks, or pizzle sticks, are a delicious, nutritious chew that lasts longer than most.
  2. Beef Kneecaps.
  3. Lamb Horns.
  4. Elk Antler.
  5. Raw Bones.
  6. Beef Ribs.
  7. Beef Hooves.
  8. Rubber Chews.

Also asked, what happens if a dog eats bamboo?

Bamboo is non-toxic to dogs, cats or horses. If your pet encounters a poisonous plant, through ingestion or topical contact, you should be prepared with an emergency kit to treat potential serious effects.

What do vets recommend for dog chews?

Here is my short list:

  • Veterinary Oral Health Council approved dog treats and dog chew toys to help control plaque and tartar.
  • Planet Dog rubber dog toys.
  • GoughNuts chew toys.
  • Kong® toys.
  • Zogoflex® dog toys by West Paw.


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