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Are car electrical fires covered by insurance?

When an engine fire or electrical fire occurs, it will typically be covered by your vehicle’s comprehensive coverage. If you do not have comprehensive coverage, and you only maintain basic liability insurance, then the fire damage may not be covered by insurance.


Similarly, you may ask, is fire covered under car insurance?

Thus, loss or damage to a car due to fire is covered under the comprehensive car insurance policy. “Even these cases are covered under comprehensive car insurance. In case the engine catches fire and the vehicle is completely burnt, then the insurer will pay the vehicle value minus deductible,” says Das.

Additionally, does full coverage cover electrical fire? Auto insurance companies investigate vehicle fires carefully. If your car is damaged by fire and it was not the result from a covered incident, comprehensive coverage may reimburse you for your losses. It’s important to know that some comprehensive policies exclude electrical fires from their fire coverage.

does car insurance cover electrical faults?

It’s much more common for vehicle owners to file comprehensive claims for their electrical breakdowns. That’s because of the types of perils that are covered under comprehensive. Your car insurance may cover electrical problems if they were caused by a covered peril.

What can cause an electrical fire in a car?

According to experts, car fires can be caused by fuel leakages, overheating, short circuits, and accidents, among other factors. Wanjala adds, “Fuel leakage on the exhaust pipe can light up the car, especially in vehicles using petrol. When fuel leaks, a slight friction can also lead to fire.


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