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Are NY state parks free for seniors?

New York State encourages New York’s seniors age 62 and older to take advantage of the state parks Golden Park Program, which allows for their free entry into state parks weekdays (Monday through Friday, excluding holidays) simply by showing their driver’s license or state-issued non-driver ID.

Similarly, you may ask, do senior citizens get into state parks for free?

If you are a New York State resident 62 or older, on Monday – Friday (except holidays), you can obtain free vehicle access to most* state parks, boat launch sites and arboretums and fee reduction to state historic sites and state-operated golf courses.

Also Know, are New York state parks free? New York State residents 62 or older may obtain free vehicle entry state parks on non-holiday weekdays.

Also, do seniors get discounts at state parks?

The majority of senior discounts offered at state parks are for those 60 years of age or older, although some discount programs start at age 50 or 55. Children younger than age 7 usually get in free at many of the state parks. Discount Amounts: The discounts for seniors can vary from state to state.

Where can I buy a senior national park pass?

Senior Passes can be purchased at any federal recreation site, including national parks, that charges an entrance or standard amenity (day-use) fee. Proof of age and residency is required. See the complete list of sites where the pass is available (PDF).


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