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Are Staffies good fighting dogs?

Stafford are not ‘dangerous dogs‘. Like all dogs, if not correctly socialised and handled, they are capable of biting people and attacking other dogs. The term ‘Staffie‘ has become a blanket term, rather like ‘pit bull’, which people use to describe a dog of a certain ‘type’.


Similarly, you may ask, are Staffies aggressive dogs?

Bill Lambert, from the Kennel Club, said Staffies are not naturally aggressive and were one of the only breeds it recommended as suitable around children.

Also, why Staffies are the best dogs? 1. Staffies are so affectionate. Staffies are the most gentle and loving of dogs to humans, not the aggressive muscle monsters some people take them for. In fact, if a burglar was confronted by a pet Staffie, the pooch would be more likely to lick him into submission than attack.

Correspondingly, why Staffies are dangerous dogs?

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier was recognised as a breed by the Kennel Club in 1935. Although the roots of the breed are associated with fighting and the baiting of larger animals, their reputation as a vicious and aggressive breed preceded them. Nowadays, the animals no longer display this kind of aggression.

Why are Staffies so needy?

Dogs mostly misbehave because of boredom. Boredom is easily fixed. First off, you don’t have to spend 24hrs a day with your dog, but Staffordshire Bull Terriers are a very needy breed. They want to be with humans as much as possible.


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