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At what temperature do eggs curdle?

Eggs curdle at 160-170°F, all things being equal. This is uncomfortably close to where you need the egg yolks, so what you want to do is to add something to the eggs to make them less likely to curdle. You can do this by adding the liquid and the fat early, and bring it all up to temperature together.


Hereof, what temperature do you temper eggs at?

Gradually add 1 cup of hot milk mixture to yolk mixture in a thin stream, stirring constantly with a whisk. Add yolk mixture to pan, and cook over medium-low heat for 2 minutes or until a thermometer registers 160°.

Additionally, why do eggs curdle when baking? Curdling by adding eggs can happen for two reasons. First, the eggs are too cold, and this breaks the emulsion of butter and sugar. Second, the eggs are added too quickly, again breaking the emulsion. The result looks like little lumps of butter and sugar in liquid.

Also question is, do eggs curdle?

Curdling. Also known as syneresis or weeping. When you cook an egg mixture such as a custard sauce too rapidly or for too long, the protein becomes over-coagulated and separates from the liquid, leaving a mixture resembling fine curds and whey.

What temperature do I cook hollandaise?

about 145 degrees F.


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