How long should you have breakfast after wakeup?

How long after waking up in the morning should you have breakfast? Know the opinion of scientists

The first meal of the day i.e. Breakfast is very important. Healthy breakfast is essential for working whole day without getting tired. As an ideal breakfast, our plate should be full of foods like protein, carbs, fat, vitamins, minerals and fiber. But the question here is that how long after waking up in the morning should one have breakfast. That is, what should be the right time for breakfast? So let’s know..

What Is The Best Time To Eat Breakfast English:

What should be the right time for breakfast?

According to scientists, you should have breakfast between 8am and 10am in the morning. It also depends on when you wake up. Scientists believe that breakfast should be taken within 2 hours of waking up in the morning.

The thing to note here is that as soon as you wake up in the morning, do not eat anything immediately before drinking a glass of lukewarm water. Due to this, your stomach also remains clean and the glow on the face also remains. Experts say that you must eat something within half an hour of waking up in the morning. Being hungry for a long time can cause gas problem.

If you go to the gym in the morning, then at least half an hour before exercising, you should take some light food like banana, apple or dry fruits. If you feel that you are capable of exercising on an empty stomach, then do have breakfast half an hour after the exercise.

Harvard University scientists say that if you do intermittent fasting, then the difference between your dinner and breakfast should not be more than 12-13 hours.

Right Time For Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

Breakfast: 6 am to 10 am

Mid Morning Breakfast – After 2-4 hours of breakfast

Lunch – Before 3 pm

Afternoon Snack – 4 hours after lunch

Dinner – between 5 and 8 in the evening

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