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Can a felon work for the state of Illinois?

Felons not required to disclose criminal convictions on Illinois government job applications. So for the time being, people with felony convictions can apply for state government jobs. Illinois may be the only state with such a policy in the US. Read the Ban the Box order.

Hereof, can a felon work at a dispensary in Illinois?

We are firm believers that every patient who suffers from one of the program’s qualifying conditions should be able to access to medical cannabis regardless of their criminal past. Unfortunately today, Illinois does not allow those with certain felony convictions, regardless of how old, to register for the program.

Secondly, can I work at a dispensary if I have a felony? A felon is permitted to own a business. While it is possible for a felon to own a dispensary, certain conditions still apply as indicated in the licensing requirements. Conditions pertaining to a felon are that he or she: May not have a drug felony conviction in the last 10 years.

Furthermore, how far back do background checks go in Illinois?

seven years

Can you be a Budtender with a felony?

A conviction, felony or misdemeanor, is not necessarily an automatic disqualification. For those with past drug convictions, this is particularly relevant. As more states legalize cannabis, past cannabis convictions can come back to haunt someone looking to get licensed.


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