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Can I check my myki card balance online?

You can see up to six months of travel andtransaction history online. You can also request upto two years of travel and transaction history by calling 1800 800007. You can also see your card balance and last 10transactions on a myki machine, Quick Top Up or mykiCheck myki equipment.


Considering this, how do I check my PTV card balance?

If you need a receipt, call us on 1800 800 007 or if your myki card is registered. Youcan also check your myki Money balance, myki Passdetails, card status, fare type, travel and top up history.You can find myki Money QTEM devices at: PTV Hub (SouthernCross)

Similarly, is MYKI free before 7am? Train travel completed before 7am on a weekday isfree. When you touch your myki on and off theelectronic readers as you travel, an initial 2 hour charge willapply. Children under 4 do not need myki cards. For moreinformation on zones, ticketing and timetables, visit the PublicTransport Victoria website.

Moreover, how do I check my myki expiry date?

You can also find out a card’s expiry dateby ringing 1800 800 007 and quoting the card number. If you haveregistered your Myki you can find out the expirydate by logging on to your account via the PTVwebsite.

How much is a daily fare on myki?

Annual fare adjustment for 2019

myki Money
2019 2 hour
Zone 1 $4.40 $2.20
Zone 2 $3.00 $1.50
Zone 1+2 $4.40 $2.20


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