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Can I make my own hydrogen fuel?

Yes, it’s possible to generate hydrogen in a science fair kind of way by electrolysing water. A liter of water will get you about 111 grams of hydrogen if you can capture it all. You would probably need one of these industrial electrolysis units to actually get pure enough hydrogen for your car.

Also know, how much does a gallon of hydrogen fuel cost?

Hydrogen fuel prices range from $12.85 to more than $16 per kilogram (kg), but the most common price is $13.99 per kg (equivalent on a price per energy basis to $5.60 per gallon of gasoline), which translates to an operating cost of $0.21 per mile.

Furthermore, can a diesel engine run on hydrogen? In a diesel engine you can not introduce Hydrogen through the intake (by definition what a diesel is vs otto cycle) so it will have to be pressurized and introduced directly to the cylinder. Diesel engines will run anything that’s is a liquid or a gas but like always you will need a fuel specific injection system.

Similarly, it is asked, how do you make hydrogen gas from water?

Hydrogen can be separated from oxygen by electrolysis, which involves passing an electric current through water, but this process is energy intensive. The most common method of producing pure hydrogen is through steam-methane reforming.

How many MPG does a hydrogen car get?

Fuel economy and range

Comparison of fuel economy expressed in MPGe for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles available for leasing in California and rated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as of August 2015
Vehicle City fuel economy
Honda Clarity Fuel Cell 68 mpg-e
Toyota Mirai 66 mpg-e
Honda FCX Clarity 58 mpg-e


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