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Can I use elastic thread in my sewing machine?

To sew with elastic thread, you must hand wind the bobbin. Do this without stretching the elastic thread. Place the bobbin in the sewing machine and thread the bobbin as you would regular sewing thread. Leave a thread tail of the elastic thread and bring the elastic thread up through the sewing machine throat plate.

Also asked, what is elastic thread?

Elastic thread is used with stretchy fabrics and materials like jersey cotton and elastic. Note that the amount of stretch is limited by the regular thread. Elastic thread is great for elastic waist bands, ruffles, and techniques like shirring. You can get a smocked look by shirring the fabric using elastic thread.

Also, how do you Shirr fabric with elastic thread? Smocking is created by hand using embroidery stitches in decorative patterns to gather fabric which creates stretch without the use of elastic thread. Shirring is created by using elastic thread in the bobbin and all-purpose thread in the needle, while sewing rows of stitches 3/8″ – 1/2″ apart with 3-4mm stitch length.

Also know, why is my elastic thread not working?

Make sure your elastic thread isn’t too tight or too loose on the bobbin. Make sure you didn’t mess with the tension (or any other settings) of your machine while adjusting your stitch length. This can mess up the stitch and cause you problems with the smocking. Make sure that it is sewing normally with regular thread.

Can you buy elastic thread?

You can buy elastic thread gathered fabric by the inch at a fabric store or you can make your own with the fabric of your choice.


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