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Can juveniles be tried as adults in Florida?

Despite the existence of juvenile courts, many youth are still tried as adults. Florida has four ways that juveniles can be prosecuted as adults: Discretionary Judicial Transfer: The prosecutor may request the court to transfer any child 14 years of age or older to adult court.

Moreover, should juveniles be tried as adults for heinous crimes?

In order to provide justice to victims and their families and to prevent more and more juveniles from committing violent crimes, the United States must hold criminals accountable— of their age—and impose a tough punishment system. To that end, juveniles should sometimes be tried as adults.

Subsequently, question is, when can juveniles be tried as adults? In the US, anyone 13 years old and above can be tried as an adult if he or she has a record of previously breaking the law or commits a serious crime. Children between the change of 15-16 are tried as adults for certain offenses, including murder, aggravated criminal sexual assault, and armed robbery with a firearm.

In respect to this, what states allow juveniles to be tried as adults?

Five states– Georgia, Michigan, Missouri, Texas and Wisconsin–now draw the juvenile/adult line at age 16.

Why are youth tried as adults?

Usually a juvenile is tried as an adult in an adult court system because of the severity of the crime committed. Examples of serious crimes include murder, robbery with a weapon, and rape. Juveniles can be tried as an adult in some common ways. The juvenile case will transfer from the juvenile court to the adult court.


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