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Can radiators smell of gas?

The smell you are getting is quite normal from radiators, its Hydrogen which is created by the boiler heating the water in a sealed unit – and corrosion from your radiators, basically the H in H2o. Nothing to worry about at all.


Moreover, why does my radiator smell like gas?

Fuel smell in the radiator without a cloud of steam usually indicates a head cracked in or around the exhaust port, since this area is almost always under some kind of pressure and won’t allow much — if any — water to enter the exhaust stream.

Likewise, does gas run through radiators? Both gas central heating radiators and electric radiators transfer heat in the same way: through a mixture of convected and radiated heat. In a gas central heating radiator, hot water from the pipes warms the surface of the radiator to radiate heat into the room.

Also, can radiators give off a smell?

Perhaps the most worrying smell your central heating radiators can emit, the smell of rotting eggs really isn’t nice. This odour is caused by a build-up of hydrogen sulphide, so if you detect it near your bathroom radiators or central heating radiators, you need to take action quickly.

Can you have a gas leak without smell?

Many homes use natural gas for heat, hot water, and home appliances. Natural gas has no smell, which means a small leak would be impossible to detect. Mercaptan smells like sulphur, or rotten eggs, to help you identify gas leaks. But you may not smell anything if the leak is very small.


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