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Can you control logging with spring boot How?

Yes, we can control logging with spring boot. Customizing default Configuration for Logging: By adding logback. xml file to the application we can override the default logging configuration by providing the Spring Boot.

Regarding this, how do I change the logging level in spring boot?

By default Spring Boot picks up the native configuration from its default location for the system (e.g. classpath:logback. xml for Logback), but you can set the location of the config file using the “logging. config” property. If you want to set more detail, please add a log config file name “logback.

Beside above, what is logging level in spring boot? Spring boot logging levels To set the logging level for any logger, add properties starting with logging. level . Logging level can be one of one of TRACE , DEBUG , INFO , WARN , ERROR , FATAL , OFF . The root logger can be configured using logging.

Also to know, how do I disable spring boot logging?

To disable logging in console, cleanest way is to create custom logging configuration file ( logback. xml or log4j2. xml ) and do not provide any definition of console appender. If not using configuration files, we can use the property logging.

What is the spring boot starter that has to be added for logging?

2. Maven. In Spring Boot, Logback is the default logging framework, just add springbootstarter-web , it will pull in the logback dependencies.


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