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Can you mix go and grow with milk?

Once your child is over the age of 1, you can mix prepared formula with cow’s milk to make it more palatable for him if he doesn’t like the taste of cow’s milk. Gradually reduce the amount of formula and increase the amount of milk until he is willingly drinking cow’s milk alone.


Then, how do you mix Similac Go and Grow?

For preparation and use: Add 8 fl oz of water to clean sippy cup. Using a measuring cup for dry ingredients, add 1/3 cup of powder to water. Shake well; use within 1 hour, then discard. Store unopened and opened powder at room temperature; avoid extreme temperatures.

Likewise, can I start cow’s milk at 11 months? Once your baby is officially one, his digestive system should be mature enough to handle regular cow’s milk. Stick to whole milk from age one to age two, mixing it into baby’s regular formula or breast milk in slowly increasing amounts. This is what a feeding schedule for an 11month-old baby might look like.

Hereof, how much Similac Go and Grow per day?

Toddlers need just one sippy cup of Go & Grow by Similac to continue their development. One eight-ounce Sippy Cup per day of ‘Go & Grow‘ by Similac provides more than 25 essential vitamins and minerals to help support a toddler’s diet.

When should I start giving formula and milk?

Stopping using formula

  1. Use formula as your baby’s main drink until 12 months of age.
  2. After this age, you may offer full cream cow’s milk from a cup.
  3. After your baby is 12 months old, it is best to stop using the bottle.
  4. Children up to the age of 2 need the energy and nutrition of full cream milk.


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