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Can you own a miniature horse in the city?

The keeping of miniature horses is permitted in all residential zones upon the owner obtaining a conditional use permit in compliance with the City code. In any zone, the number of animals shall be limited to one animal for each five thousand square feet of open area devoted to the animal.


Considering this, can you have a miniature horse as a pet?

They also were valued as companion animals, especially by the wealthy. Nowadays, miniature horses are primarily kept as pets, though many have some sort of job. Although most miniature horses are too small for riding, some owners drive their minis hitched to carts or sleighs.

Likewise, how much does it cost to have a mini horse? Though mini horses have the same characteristics as that of large horses, they have body sizes of the ponies or are even shorter than that. A miniature horse costs somewhere between $1000 and $200,000. Cost of a mini is based upon its conformation, size, breed and show record if any.

Similarly, you may ask, can you have a mini pony in your backyard?

Miniature horses can live out in a pasture with trees for shade, good grass, and clean water,” Easterwood said. Fencing can be shorter if you only have miniatures in the pasture. They are not dogs, so they should not be housed in dog-sized areas, such as backyards.”

What do you do with a miniature horse?

20 Fun Things To Do With A Miniature Horse

  1. Halter classes (judges conformation and looks)
  2. Showmanship classes (judges handler’s abilities)
  3. Drive them.
  4. Driving obstacle competitions.
  5. Long lining.
  6. Jumping.
  7. Costume contests.
  8. Liberty classes.


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