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Can you stain pool plaster?

Metals are certainly not the only cause of stains in a plaster-surfaced swimming pool. It’s designed to be mildly abrasive so it’s tough but not destructive to the plaster. For extreme staining or serious algae blooms, plaster pools can be cleaned with an acid wash with muriatic acid, or the safer to use Acid Magic.


In this way, why is my pool plaster turning brown?

The first cause is the most common culprit of brown stains in the swimming pool. When the iron concentration is too high, it leads to brown water discolouration. This product removes iron, copper, silver, calcium and other metals from the swimming pool water, without you having to empty your pool first.

Similarly, why is my pool plaster turning yellow? Mineral Buildup. When there is too much of a mineral present in the water, it can begin to stain the pool. Shades of yellow can be a sign of excessive iron. Iron can be introduced into a pool by well water or pipe corrosion somewhere in the pool system.

Also asked, will pool shock remove stains?

A super simple way to get rid of most organic pool stains is to shock the pool and give your pool a little TLC with a good brushing. This ‘bleaching’ removes most organic stains in concrete pools. Sprinkle granular chlorine shock right over an organic stain to make it disappear instantly.

How do I remove brown stains from my pool?

Method 2 Treating Organic Stains

  1. Remove the organic materials from your pool surface.
  2. Acid wash your pool.
  3. Try an enzyme shock treatment and stiff scrub brush to remove stains.
  4. Shock your pool with chlorine.
  5. Remove localized stains with muriatic acid and a scrub brush.
  6. Skip harsh chemicals with an abrasive scrub.


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