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Can you store lithium ion batteries in the cold?

Lithium batteries like being stored inthecold. As long as the location is indoors anddry,temperatures down to near-freezing are safe, and willallowthe user to “top off” the chargelessfrequently.


Similarly, how cold is too cold for lithium batteries?

Lithium iron phosphate batteries canbesafely discharged over a wide range of temperatures, typicallyfrom–20°C to 60°C, which makes them practicalforuse in all-weather conditions faced by many potentiallycoldtemperature applications including RVs andoff-gridsolar.

Also Know, what temperature should lithium batteries be stored at? 59° F

Likewise, how do you store lithium ion batteries?

Find a cool, dry place to store yourlithiumion batteries. Avoid storing yourbatteries inthe basement, bathroom or other areas of yourhouse that are or maybecome wet. Ideal temperature ranges forstorage are between0 and 60 degrees F.

Is it OK to store batteries in the cold?

Store Batteries in the Freezer to RetainChargeLonger. Storing batteries at freezing or nearfreezingtemperatures will greatly extend the amount of time theyhold acharge, but only for some kinds of batteries.Alkalinebatteries stored at “room temperature” selfdischarge at arate of less than two percent per year.


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