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Can you visit the CERN supercollider?

Underground visits to the LHC experiments are rare and visits to the LHC itself are not available. When booking your visit, you can request a particular itinerary. As part of your school visit, you may be able to carry out real experiments in CERN’s purpose-built S’Cool Lab.


Accordingly, is the Large Hadron Collider open to the public?

The Large Hadron Collider is located in CERN on the Switzerland-French border. However, once in a while, they do shut the collider down and open the area to the public, so you’ll be able to visit that area. If you can’t visit during that time, you’ll still find plenty to see at other times of the year.

Likewise, can you visit CERN without a tour? All CERN guided tours are free of charge and are by reservation only. Due to the nature of our activities, guided tours are suitable for children as from 12. Permanent exhibitions, which are suitable for younger children, are freely accessible 6 days a week, without prior booking.

Keeping this in consideration, can tourists visit CERN?

CERN is open to all but receives many more requests for places on tours than it can accommodate. Therefore, budgetary, technical and safety constraints limit CERN visits service’s capacity (even though CERN welcomes more than 130,000 visitors each year on guided tours).

How can I get into CERN?

Take a one hour free public transport ticket from the machine you will find at the exit to the baggage collection hall, just before customs control. Take bus 23 (to ZIPLO), 28 (to Parfumerie) or 57 (to ZIMEYSA Gare), get off at Blandonnet, then catch Tram number 18 to CERN.


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