Children’s ears are not only pierced, there are many benefits, know the scientific reason behind it

Children’s ears are not only pierced, there are many benefits, know the scientific reason behind it. In Indian culture, a few years after the birth of a child, his ears are pierced. It has nothing to do with the beauty of children, it is the Vedic tradition of our culture.

Scientists have also accepted the tradition of piercing ears. It has many benefits in the future in children. Actually it works like acupuncture which is beneficial for our body in many ways. So let’s know the scientific benefits of ear piercing.

Essential to the brain

There is a point in the ear lobes that connects the left-right part of the brain. The development of the brain is accelerated by piercing the ear and it helps to activate both the parts of the brain. But ear piercing is necessary 8 months before birth because at the same time the development of the branch is taking place.

Remove tension and increase focus

Due to the pressure on the ear point between the ear lobes, tension is removed as well as helps in focusing. It helps in increasing the concentration of the mind.

Keep reproductive organs healthy

Due to the pressure on the point which is in the middle of the lower part of the ear, women’s period cycle operates properly. This is the reason why most girls get their ears pierced. At the same time, the reproductive organs of men are also strong.

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Ears will be healthy and eyesight will increase

In the lower part of the ear lobes is the point of increasing the eyesight. Therefore, piercing this part increases the eyesight. Ear piercing also keeps the ear healthy.

Maintain digestive system

There is also a hunger point at the place where the ears are pierced. In the language of acupuncture, it is called Hunger Point. Ear piercing reduces the risk of obesity because it keeps the digestive system healthy.

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