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Code Blue (2008) – Dramacool

If it can be treated one second earlier, the heart might start beating again.
If there is one extra helicopter, another life in danger may be saved.
If one more life can be saved, the Japanese medical community may regain trust.
There are more lives in this country that can be saved.
The “Doctor Helicopter” system was legalized in Japan in June 2007. A medical team is dispatched to the patients on a helicopter to provide medical care in the field as soon as possible. One day, four young physicians are assigned to this latest medical system. The doctors experience traumatic medical situations, deal with personal ambitions, witness the fragility of life, and they grow personally and professionally.

(Source: Fuji TV)

  • Native Title: コード・ブルー -ドクターヘリ緊急救命-
  • Also Known As: Doctor Heli – Emergency Lifesaving , Koudo Buruu , コード・ブルー , コード・ブルー~ドクターヘリ緊急救命
  • Director: Nishiura Masaki
  • Screenwriter: Hayashi Koji
  • Cast & Credits

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    • Yamashita Tomohisa

      Aizawa Kousaku

      Main Role

    • Aragaki Yui in Code Blue Japanese Drama (2008)
      Aragaki Yui

      Shiraishi Megumi

      Main Role

    • Toda Erika in Code Blue Japanese Drama (2008)
      Toda Erika

      Hiyama Mihoko

      Main Role

    • Asari Yosuke in Code Blue Japanese Drama (2008)
      Asari Yosuke

      Fujikawa Kazuo

      Main Role

    • Higa Manami in Code Blue Japanese Drama (2008)
      Higa Manami

      Saejima Haruka

      Main Role

    • Yanagiba Toshiro in Code Blue Japanese Drama (2008)
      Yanagiba Toshiro

      Kuroda Shuji [Flight doctor]

      Support Role


    • Score: 8.0 (scored by 4,184 users)
    • Ranked: #1303
    • Popularity: #1162
    • Watchers: 8,009


    • Drama: Code Blue
    • Country: Japan
    • Episodes: 11
    • Aired: Jul 3, 2008 – Sep 12, 2008
    • Aired On: Thursday
    • Original Network: Fuji TV
    • Duration: 54 min.
    • Content Rating: 13+ – Teens 13 or older

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