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Did Treehouse Masters get Cancelled?

I’d like to share the bittersweet news that we wrapped our final season of Treehouse Masters last fall—the eleventh season to air was our last. Many of you kind fans have been asking when you will see new episodes and therein lies the answer: after nearly seven years of shooting, we’ve said goodbye to the show.

Also to know is, is Treehouse Masters coming back?

About Treehouse Masters Last episode of Treehouse Masters on Animal Planet aired on September 29, 2018. For even more Treehouse Masters cancellation/renewal news, check out our sister website cancelled shows tv. You can see all upcoming shows on our Upcoming TV Shows (2019-20) page.

Furthermore, why did Tory leave Treehouse Masters? Though it is not publicly known why she left Treehouse Masters, her fans took to the Discovery Channel’s message board to voice out their concerns. One comment read, ”Tory, sorry to see that you became missing from the show with no air explanation from Pete. Your design sense is stellar and to the next level.

Likewise, people ask, will there be a season 12 of Treehouse Masters?

Treehouse MastersSeason 11 premiered on August 17, 2018, on Animal Planet. The season was spread across 8 episodes and the final episode released on September 29, 2018. In April 2019.

Is Pete Nelson still building tree houses?

Nelson has built over 350 treehouses Nelson and his crew have been busy over the past several years — as of an October 2018 interview, Nelson had over 350 treehouses to his name, and he explained that each one is different.


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