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Do secondary containers need GHS labels?

OSHA Requirements for Secondary Container Labels

OSHA requires secondary container labels to have the full GHS label, or: You should be sure that the information your company chooses to use be put in writing in the hazard communication program, and that it is consistent on every chemical container.

Similarly, it is asked, what is a secondary container label?

Secondary Container Labels 101: HazCom and WHMIS. Definition: A secondary container is defined as any container holding a product which is not the original container supplied by the manufacturer.

One may also ask, what is required on the labels of secondary containers such as spray bottles? Secondary Container Labeling These containers usually hold chemicals that are transferred from a primary container. Secondary containers must comply with GHS labeling requirements except when the following criteria are met: The material is used within the work shift of the individual who makes the transfer.

Similarly one may ask, what should a secondary container be labeled with?

Secondary Container Label Requirements The product identifier and words, pictures, symbols, or a combination that provide at least general information about the hazards of the chemicals. Generally, things that must be labeled include: Storage bottles created for the distribution of small amounts of a material.

What types of containers are considered secondary containers that Pamela will need to label?

spray bottles, automatic x-ray films, chemical vapor sterilizers.


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