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Do we Astral Project every night?

Astral Projection is a natural process

We do it every night when we sleep, it’s just that we‘re just not conscious of it 99.99% of the time. In fact, if you stayed up all night, maybe for a couple of nights, you will start getting dizzy and you will actually start having astral projections while you are walking around.


Herein, can you die while astral projecting?

You don’t get a strange immunity when you having an out-of-body experience. You can still die if you have a heart attack or some other non-related bodily failure that was going to happen anyway. But no, you cannot die because you are astral projecting.

Furthermore, why am I astral projecting? But when one wakes up during astral projection, he or she may see the physical body lying asleep on the bed while the astral body is on the air near the ceiling. This makes people afraid. The astral body is called the “desire body” because it goes where the person subconsciously wants to go.

Similarly one may ask, can others see you when you astral project?

No, you can see everyone but can‘t make them see you unless they are astral travelling too. ? You can‘t even touch the people who are not astral travelling. Astral world is the another world where there are only spirits and you can talk to them. Astral projection really isn’t that complicated.

How long can you astral project for?

Though it may feel like you have been gone for days, months or even years, the astral state actually only last a few hours. You can feel like you‘ve experienced your whole life. The projection can last as long as you want it to.


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