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Do you need to ground PEX?

If your home has a PEX or plastic water supply line, you need to ground the system using grounding rods on the exterior of your home. Houses with PEX water lines must be grounded with metal rods. Leave 2 to 3 inches of rod exposed above the ground to make the electrical connection.

Beside this, does plumbing need to be grounded?

Plumbing System Grounding Metal pipes are required by code to be electrically grounded, and this is normally done by grounding the cold water inlet pipe to the home. The water heater creates a break between the cold water pipes and the hot water pipes in the home.

Similarly, do plastic water pipes need bonding? If the pipes are made of plastic, they do not need to be main bonded. If the incoming pipes are made of plastic, but the pipes within the electrical installation are made of metal, the main bonding must be carried out.

Accordingly, why do water pipes need to be grounded?

The main purpose of this bond is to ensure that the metal water pipe is at the same zero voltage to ground as the service grounded conductor. A secondary purpose is to ensure that there is a path back to the service for electrical current flow if the metal water pipe becomes energized.

Is it OK to ground to a water pipe?

The water pipe is only a grounding electrode, just like a ground rod, and also serves as the water piping bond. A grounding electrode has it’s purpose, but it is NOT to “create” a ground as is commonly assumed.


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