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Does Hooters have a dress code?

The Dress Code

All Hooters entertainers must wear sneakers and socks as a part of their uniform, and the socks MUST be worn in a particular way.


You must wear a white or nude bra and it can’t be visible to customers. You also must wear pantyhose under your shorts and they must be in the shade Suntan.

Beside above, what do Hooters managers wear? 6 answers. Uniforms must be clean and as shown in pictures and tattoos must be covered at all times. Polo shirt with jeans. And also slip resistant shoes.

(Their website says makeupshould appear natural to best accentuate your features” and that mascara and lipstick are required.) 9. Hooters Girls only wear black on Friday.

But in the winter you’d just have to wear warm clothes to work and change once you got there. You wear the same uniform every day of the year: tank top, shorts, tights and socks.


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