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Does nattokinase dissolve blood clots?

Nattokinase dissolves blood clots by directly hydrolyzing fibrin and plasmin substrate. It converts endogenous prourokinase to urokinase (uPA).

Correspondingly, how much nattokinase do you take for blood clots?

Deep Vein Thrombosis A 2015 study published in Scientific Reports reported that a single 100-milligram (mg) dose of nattokinase, taken orally, was able to break down fibrin (a protein involved in blood clotting) more effectively than a placebo.

Likewise, can nattokinase clean arteries? Take 1-2 veg capsules per day to aid in arterial plaque removal – Nattokinase battles hypertension and atherosclerosis. HELP UNCLOG ARTERIES. Nattokinase supplements can help regulate fibrin, a blood-clotting enzyme, to protect your heart and arteries.

Furthermore, is nattokinase a blood thinner?

Nattokinase “thins the blood” and helps break up blood clots.

Can Serrapeptase dissolve blood clots?

This could enable serrapeptase to dissolve plaque in your arteries or dissolve blood clots that may lead to stroke or heart attack. Summary Serrapeptase has been suggested to dissolve blood clots that could lead to a heart attack or stroke, but more research is needed.


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