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Does Rent A Center have laptops?

Learn more about our laptops: Take your productivity with you wherever you go with one of our rentto-own laptops. With brands you know and trust like Dell and HP, Rent-A-Center has what you need to surf, stream, share and work wherever you go. We can help you find your perfect laptop and even take it home today!


In this way, how much does it cost to rent a laptop from Rent A Center?

*”Starting at $19.99 per week” refers to “Bandlon” Sofa Chaise (8030417/45): $19.99 a week for 91 weeks, Total of All Payments: $1,819.09, GA/PA Cost of Lease Services: $620.09; WV- $19.99 a week for 83 weeks, Total of All Payments: $1,641.31, Retail Value/Cash Price: $683.88, Rentto-own Charge: $957.43; VT- $19.99 a

Furthermore, how much does it cost to rent a laptop computer? Businesses often rent Notebooks by the day or week for meetings and events. High end Laptop rentals cost approximately $195 per day including delivery. HP Laptop rentals are available at lowest rates in most US cities for bulk laptop rentals.

Hereof, can you rent a laptop for a week? carries a large selection of laptops from trusted brands like Dell, HP, Apple, and Lenovo. Our equipment can be rented for any period of time, meaning whether you need a daily laptop rental, you want to rent a laptop for a week, or if you need to keep your notebooks for a few months — we can help.

Does Rent A Center have gaming computers?

Rent-A-Center has a great lineup of rentto-own desktop computers with cutting-edge tools, features, and extras. If you want to watch movies, play games, and share on social media, it’s a snap with a desktop computer. (Some people like to call them gaming computers.)


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