Are you fond of drinking tea after eating food? So the disadvantages of having read it once

Are you fond of drinking tea after eating food ? So the disadvantages of having read it once.

Many people are so fond of drinking tea that they do not know how many cups of tea they drink in a day. Some people are so used to tea that they drink tea even after eating. So if you also do this, then be careful, because it can prove to be dangerous for you. By the way, tea is not beneficial in any way. But after eating it is very harmful to your health. So let us tell you the disadvantages of drinking tea after eating.

Why should we not drink tea after eating?

Whenever we eat, after them gastric juice starts to be produced in our body. Gastric juice works to digest food. In such a situation, if you drink tea, then there is an effect on the digestive system. Because of this constipation, gas, acidity, and many other problems occur.

side effects of tea after eating

Increases blood pressure – Tea contains caffeine. Due to this, the risk of high blood pressure increases significantly, especially by drinking tea after eating food.

Anemia: Drinking tea after a meal can increase the risk of anemia. In fact, after drinking tea after a meal, the body is unable to absorb iron, which leads to a deficiency of hemoglobin.

Effect on the heart – According to research, drinking tea after dinner or daytime weakens the heart. Such people get heart-related diseases quickly.

Digestive problems- Tea has acidic properties, which increase the amount of acid in our body. Due to this you will have acidity problems or may also have the late disease.

Sleep is disrupted- There is also a disadvantage that if you drink tea after dinner, then you will not get sleep in the early night. This happens because of the caffeine present in the tea.

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