Does eating curd make you lose weight?

Does eating curd make you lose weight? Know the opinion of experts Diet plays an important role in weight loss. Health experts say that weight can be balanced by including healthy foods in the diet. Yogurt is a food item in a healthy diet, which is rich in many types of vitamins, proteins and magnesium. Experts say that eating curd is good for heart health and wellness.

But there is also a confusion about curd, some scholars say that curd is beneficial for health but it cannot be used for reducing weight. But this myth has also been debunked in a recent report. Research published in the International Journal of Obesity states with the claim that curd also helps in reducing weight.

The published report also states that the enzymes present in curd fight disease-causing microbes and keep us safe from many diseases. It increases the immunity in our body. Research says that curd should be included in the diet to lose weight. So let us tell you about the properties of curd.

Beneficial for Digestive System –

Yogurt contains probiotic elements which strengthens the digestive system. According to a published report, due to yogurt, the intestinal microflora metabolism is strengthened, which helps in reducing weight.

Calcium leads to weight loss –

Everyone will know that the highest amount of calcium is found in curd. Researchers claim that eating calcium-rich food leads to weight loss. Calcium can help increase the process of thermogenesis, which in turn boosts metabolism and leads to weight loss.

Good source of protein –

Protein diet is the most helpful for reducing weight. Protein is also found in abundance in yogurt. Due to protein, you avoid food cravings and you feel full. Probably if you do not eat extra, then you will lose weight.

Keep in mind –

Curd is beneficial for health, so it does not mean that it should be consumed in excess. Consume curd equal to a small bowl daily. If you consume more curd then it can also be harmful. Avoid consuming curd at night, it can give you cold.

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