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How are cells of a multicellular organism like a baseball team?

Multicellular organisms are like a baseball team because they have different roles which they have to perform. The cells of multicellular organisms perform specialized tasks and communicate with one another in order to maintain homeostasis.

Likewise, how are the cells of multicellular organisms organized like a baseball team?

By having specialized cells that must maintain their own homeostasis and cooperate with other cells. This requires the cells to communicate with one another. -Each cell in a multicellular organism contributes to the overall homeostasis.

Also, how does a multicellular organism grow? Multicellular organisms grow by increasing the number of cells they have. This relies on the processes of cell division and differentiation.

In this regard, what is cell specialization in a multicellular organism?

Cell Specialization in Multicellular Organisms This means that each cell has its own role and contains their selective function. Some examples of functions they have include: Moving. Reacting to the environment.

What are unicellular eukaryotes called that contain chloroplasts?

Unicellular prokaryotes, called , are adapted to living in a remarkable number of different places. Some unicellular eukaryotes, called , contain chloroplasts. Yeasts are unicellular , which are eukaryotes. Other unicellular eukaryotes include and algae.


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