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How can I get Mmid for IDBI Bank?

In order to generate MMID for your mobile banking service with IDBI Bank, there are two different methods which can be opted: Simply visit the website: and provide your designated Customer ID as well as login password. From here just click on view MMID.


Accordingly, how can I get Mmid?

To get your MMID code, dial *525# and a complete list that contains banking menu will appear on your screen. Now, press 7 from your mobile to get more options. Once the option appears on your screen, press 4 followed by the last 4-digits of your bank account number to generate your MMID.

Subsequently, question is, how can I transfer money from IDBI Bank? To carry out a transfer, simply log on to IDBI Bank’s Internet Banking at, or visit the nearest IDBI Bank ATM or branch and transfer the required amount. The money is directly credited into the recipient’s card, no matter where he is.

Likewise, what is MMID number?

MMID or Mobile Money Identifier is a unique seven digit code issued by a bank to their mobile banking registered-customers who want to transact through the IMPS fund transfer platform. The first four digits in an MMID code are the distinct ID no. of the bank offering IMPS services.

What is urn in IDBI Bank?

URN refers to the unique registration number assigned to you when you apply for a loan. It is essentially a reference number that you can use to keep a track of the application status. How can you apply for an IDBI home loan?


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