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How can I reduce my TTT?

If you find that you are talking too much, try these simple tips to allow more STT:

  1. Keep quiet. If you are asked a question, don’t answer immediately.
  2. Use gestures. Sounds silly but what this actually does is take away the reliance on the teacher.
  3. Use groupwork.
  4. Ask questions.

Herein, what classroom strategies help manage TTT?

These are some strategies to help teachers reduce their teaching talking time.

  • Pair Work. The use of pair work activities has been advocated by communicative approaches to foreign language pedagogy for the many years.
  • Elicit.
  • Instructions.
  • Silence.
  • Student-Centered Task.
  • Preview Language.

Subsequently, question is, what is TTT and STT? STT vs. TTT. Teacher talking time (TTT) is the time that teachers spend talking in class, while student-talking time (STT) is the time the students spend talking in the class. STT vs. TTT is extremely problematic and complex area of English teaching.

Thereof, how can students improve their talking time?

Try These 7 Techniques to Increase Student Talking Time

  1. Give them time to answer.
  2. Don’t answer every single question yourself.
  3. Use pair or groupwork.
  4. Have them read/explain instructions.
  5. Ask open-ended instead of yes/no questions.
  6. Say only what is necessary.
  7. Don’t tell, elicit.

Why is talking important for learning?

Talk is a part of human development that helps us to think, learn and make sense of the world. People use language as a tool for developing reasoning, knowledge and understanding. Therefore, encouraging students to talk as part of their learning experiences will mean that their educational progress is enhanced.


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