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How do I change my display number on Windows 10?

Windows 8.1/10 + 2 extra monitors

  1. Right click on any one of the desktops.
  2. Click “Display Settings”
  3. Click on the screen number you want to set as main display.
  4. Scroll down.
  5. Click on the check box “Make this my main display


Simply so, how do I change my display number?

Click the “Start” button and then click “Control Panel.” Under Appearance and Personalization, click “Adjust Screen Resolution” to open the Screen Resolution window. Click “Identify” to make each screen’s assigned number overlay across the display.

Also, how do I change my main display? Change Display settings Right-click on an empty space on the Desktop and choose the Display Settings from the menu. Choose which you want to be your primary monitor, scroll down and choose Make this my main display. After doing that, the selected monitor will become the primary monitor.

Similarly, you may ask, how do I change my monitor from 1 to 2 Windows 10?

How to select multiple displays viewing mode on Windows 10

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Click on System.
  3. Click on Display.
  4. Under the “Select and rearrange displays” section, select the monitor that you want to adjust.
  5. Under the “Multiple displays” section, use the drop-down menu to set the appropriate viewing mode, including:

How do I make my screen 2 My main display?

Either click on “Display” if present or “Appearance and Themes” then “Display” (if you are in category view). Click on the “Settings” tab. Click the monitor square with a large “2” on it, or choose the display 2 from the Display: drop down. Click the “Use this device as the primary monitor” checkbox.


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