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How do I check out a patient in dentrix?

Checking out patients

  1. Do one of the following: Click (or tap) the Patient Walkout button for a patient in the Checkout section of the routing panel. On a patient’s Ledger page, click (or tap) Patient Walkout.
  2. Perform the necessary tasks on the following tabs for checking the patient out after his or her visit: Discount. Discount tab.

Also, how do I find a patient in dentrix?

To search for a patient by phone number:

  1. From any patient-specific Dentrix module, open the Select Patient dialog box.
  2. Click the Advanced Search tab.
  3. Enter the phone number for the patient in the Phone field.
  4. Click the Search button.

Likewise, how does dentrix software work? Dentrix by Henry Schein One is a clinical and practice management software system that helps you manage a wide range of practice information, including patient demographics, clinical details, and production analysis. Patient Chart – The Patient Chart module manages the clinical information for patients.

Similarly, what does dentrix mean?

Dentrix was the first dental practice management software for Microsoft Windows when it was launched in 1989 by Dentrix Dental Systems, a firm founded by Larry M. The Dentrix dental practice management system was designed to automate as many of the functions within the dental office as possible .

How do I add a patient in dentrix?

On the results list, click (or tap) New patient appt. The options for the new patient’s appointment become available. Enter the patient’s name, birth date, select the procedures that are to be performed, and set up the other options as needed.


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