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How do I connect my AT&T WAP?

Set up and pair your wireless receiver and WAP

  1. Using the yellow Ethernet cable, connect the WAP to an open Ethernet port on your Wi-Fi gateway.
  2. Move the WAP as far away as possible from the W-Fi gateway.
  3. Plug the WAP’s power cord into a working electrical outlet.

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Also to know is, how do I connect my AT&T Wireless Access Point?

  1. Press the WPS button on your WAP.
  2. On the front of your wireless receiver, press the OK button within two minutes. Pairing occurs quickly.
  3. Confirm that at least three LED green bars are lit on the wireless receiver. When you see a green LED lit on the front of the receiver, you’ve paired successfully.

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Similarly, how do I reset my AT&T WAP? How to reset your Wi-Fi gateway

  1. Press and hold the Reset button on the gateway for at least 10 seconds. If you let go before 10 seconds, the gateway will reboot, but it won’t reset.
  2. Wait until the gateway restarts and all the status lights are lit.
  3. See if the Broadband or Service status lights are solid green.

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Hereof, what is the ATT WAP for?

The wireless access point is plugged into a power outlet and connected to your residential gateway. The wireless access point takes the TV content from your residential gateway, decodes it into the correct format, and delivers the content wirelessly over your in-home Wi-Fi connection to the U-verse Wireless Receiver.

How does AT&T U verse wireless receiver work?

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The AT&T Uverse TV Wireless Receiver takes the video-streaming concept popularized by Roku and Apple TV devices and applies it to the venerable (well, infamous) cable box. AT&T’s residential gateway plugs into a phone outlet, and its wireless access point connects to the gateway.


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