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How do I drop a class at CCSF?

Select term. Select drop[******] down menu under Actions To Be Performed next to class[******] you are wishing to drop[******]. Highlight drop[******]/remove. Click on submit change to complete drop[******].[******][******]

Similarly, you may ask, how do I change my pass no to CCSF?

Forms to exercise this option are available from the Office of Admissions and Records. Students may also select “Pass[******]/No Pass[******]” grading option on-line through WebSTARS at http://www.ccsf[******].edu. In the absence of a “Petition for Pass[******]/No Pass[******]” students will be evaluated on a letter-grade basis.[******][******]

Subsequently, question is, is City College of San Francisco semester or quarter? A few quarter[******]-based schools offer a forth Summer Quarter[******], but it is not considered an official term in the academic year. CCSF[******] is on the semester[******] calendar. 6.[******][******]

People also ask, how do I register for classes at CCSF?

Step 1: Go to www.ccsf[******].edu on your web browser. Step 2: Click on Register for Classes[******] (WEB4). Step 3: Enter your 9-digit User ID: [*********] your CCSF[******] Student ID and your 6-digit PIN: [******] (initially your date of birth MMDDYY).[******][******]

Where do I get my student ID at CCSF?

You may obtain a Student[******] Photo ID card[******] at the Ocean Ave Campus in the Registration Center (MUB 130B). For more information, you may call: (415) 239-3858. Photo ID Card[******] services are also available at the following Center locations: Chinatown/North beach, Civic Center, Downtown, Evans and Mission.[******][******]



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