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How do I get my jeans back to the original size?

To shrink a pair of your jeans, start by machine washing them on the hottest setting, which will make the fibers in your jeans contract. Then, put your jeans in the dryer and dry them on the hottest setting to shrink them even more. If they’re still not small enough, repeat the process as many times as needed.


Keeping this in consideration, how do I make my jeans waist smaller?

Put your jeans on inside out and pinch the waist at the sides until it fits. Turn your jeans inside out and put them on. Pinch the waistband on each side until you get the right fit in the waist. Try to pinch an equal amount on both sides so that your jeans will sit evenly after the alteration.

Similarly, how do you fix stretched jeans?

  1. Regardless of their stretch, most denim is made from cotton which is susceptible to shrinking when exposed to dampness and heat.
  2. Leave your denim submerged in boiling for at least 30 minutes and then pop them in the dryer on high heat for a similar approach to the wash & dry method, but with more dramatic results.

Accordingly, how can I shrink my jeans without a dryer?

Method 2 Ironing Your Jeans

  1. Wash your jeans in hot water. You can hand wash jeans or put them in the washer to soak and clean them.
  2. Hang the jeans up to dry until they are damp.
  3. Turn the damp jeans inside out and iron them until dry.
  4. Iron specific areas of the jeans that still need shrinking.

Does boiling your jeans shrink them?

Boil Your Jeans Leave them boiling for twenty to thirty minutes, and then drain them as much as possible. Once drained, then dry them on high heat. This method is similar to the previous washer dryer trick, but could result in more dramatic shrinkage quicker.


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