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How do I import music to my Amazon music library?

Select “Upload” in the “Your Library” tab of the Amazon Music application. Then drag and drop music files from your computer into the app window. You can also click “Select Files” or “Select Folder” to browse your music.


Subsequently, one may also ask, how do I import my iTunes library into Amazon music?

All of your iTunes music is in the iTunes Music folder hierarchy. Just select the music that you want to upload, and click on “Open”, and the Amazon Music app will automatically start uploading the iTunes music you have selected to your Amazon Music cloud library.

One may also ask, how much music can I upload to Amazon music? It allows users to upload their music to Amazon Music for 250 songs free and get a huge storage space for 250,000 songs for music storage subscription. But as of April 30, 2018, storage plans will no longer be renewed, so new subscription is not accepted.

Simply so, where do Amazon music downloads go?

All my Amazon downloads were found in the Music folder. On my HTC 610 Desire running Android 4.4. 2, Amazon music files are stored under two different directories on my SD card. You can use “My Files” to launch explorer on the device and drill down to find them.

Can you transfer music from Google Play to Amazon music?

Transfer Google Play Music to Amazon Music If you want to upload your personal collection, you can‘t do that while transferring to Amazon, as it is stopped for new users and it will be stopped for the older subscribers in January 18th, 2018 as well.


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