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How do I save my Sims 4 character?

From Manage Households – Select family, take them into CAS (click the pencil icon in lower right). Then click the folder in the upper right corner to save to the My Library tab. In-game – Click on a mirror, dresser or closet and select Change Sim. Your Sims will then be saved to the Tray Folder.


Hereof, how do you share a save on Sims 4?

  1. Open your Sims 4 saves folder, usually found at “C:Users\DocumentsElectronic ArtsThe Sims 4saves”.
  2. Copy every file there (or just a save you want to backup) and copy it to a folder called “Backed Up Saves” or something to distinguish them.
  3. Profit, you’re done.

Subsequently, question is, can you put the Sims 4 on a flash drive? Flash drives are not designed to run games and it’s also known The Sims 4 it’s quite an heavy game to run, which could potentially brings issues to the drive itself. I’d always recommend to install the game on an hard drive (the same where you install windows preferably) rather than external drives.

In this manner, how do I save my sim to my library?

Once you’ve made your Sim or Lot, save them to add them to My Library. Open the Gallery and go to the My Library tab to see the content you’ve created. Select whatever you want to share and then click on the Cloud icon in the bottom left corner to upload your content to the Gallery.

Can you redownload Sims 4 on another computer?

The game can be installed in any computer through Origin, and can be played in any computer as long as they aren’t using the same Origin account at once (this may apply to computers online only). The only thing that won’t transfer is the save file, you may need to search it manually and copy it to the new computer.


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