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How do I see recommended songs on Apple music?

Apple Music learns the music you like andrecommends songs, albums, and playlists based on yourtastes.

Rate music in your library

  1. Go to Settings , then tap Music.
  2. Turn on Show Star Ratings.
  3. In Music, touch and hold a song in your library,tap Rate Song, then choose a rating from one to fivestars.


Considering this, how do I find related songs on Apple music?

Click the Search button (looks like a magnifying glass)in the upper right corner. When the search field displays, selectthe Apple Music tab. Enter the name of the song, artist,album, playlist, or genre you want to find.

how do I find new music on Apple music? Tap something you recently searched for—a song orartist, for example. Tap a trending search term, such as apopular new artist that other Apple Music subscribershave searched for. Tap the search field, tap AppleMusic, then enter a song, album, playlist, artist, compilation,genre, lyric, TV show, or movie.

Also know, how do I choose a genre on Apple music?

How to tweak your bubble picks

  1. Open iTunes or the Music app, depending on your device.
  2. Click on the Account button.
  3. Select Choose Artists for You.
  4. The For You screen will open, filling with bubbles specifyingmusical genres.
  5. Once you’re happy with your selections, click or tap Next.

Does Apple music recommend songs?

Apple’s recommendation system on Apple Musicis basically a supercharged Genius system that iTuneshas been using for years now. Any song available forstreaming in Apple Music’s catalog. Songs foundthrough search. Songs played from Beats 1 and AppleMusic Radio.


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