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How do NAS drives work?

How NAS Works. In essence, a NAS is a mini-server that sits on your desk. You can connect it directly to your computer through a USB cable, but that would negate its main benefit: the network. A NAS creates a small network all its own that any device with the right credentials (username and password) can access.


Simply so, what is a NAS and how does it work?

Network-attached storage (NAS) is dedicated file storage that enables multiple users and heterogeneous client devices to retrieve data from centralized disk capacity. Users on a local area network (LAN) access the shared storage via a standard Ethernet connection.

how do I setup a NAS drive? Make sure to connect the gigabit router with the Cat6 Network Ethernet Cable to your HTPC to make sure you will benefit from the high transfer speeds.

  1. Get a network attached storage.
  2. Install the hard drives.
  3. Manage storage spaces.
  4. Create media structure.
  5. Configure NAS with your media center.

Consequently, what is a NAS drives for home?

Instead, consider a good network-attached storage (NAS) device. As its name implies, a NAS is high-capacity storage that connects to your home or office network so that you and other users you designate can access your files from mobile devices and PCs without plugging in to the drive.

Can I use a NAS drive as a regular drive?

Yes you can use it as a regular desktop drive. A “NASdrive is just designed to be left on 24/7 year-round. So it’s built a little more robustly than a desktop drive. In other words, it’s an enterprise drive, while a regular desktop drive is a consumer drive.


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