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How do students login to Edmentum?


Considering this, what is the account login for Plato?

Click the “Log into PLATO” button. Your user name will be: your first initial, last name and last 4 digits of your CWID. All lower case (ex: jdoe2345). Your initial password will be: your CWID with a capital A (ex: A00012345).

Also, what does Edmentum mean? Accucess is an online diagnostic assessment and curriculum tool that is used to evaluate the knowledge and skills of learners and place them into an appropriate instructional level of content. For additional information on Edmentum Assessments, please refer to the Edmentum Assessments User Guide.

Then, does Edmentum have an app?

With the Plato Educator App by Edmentum: Manage classes from your iPad or iPhone. Monitor class and individual learner usage and assignment progress. Reset learner passwords, lock and unlock learner assignments, and enroll learners into new assignments.

What is Edmentum exact path?

Edmentum Exact Path includes K-12 assessment-driven math, reading, and language arts instruction that is focused on understanding where your students are academically, identifying strengths and weaknesses for each student, and then taking that data a step further.


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