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How do you clean a mason bee house?

Here are the basic steps to perform maintenance on your Mason Bee house:

  1. Remove the paper nesting tubes and gently unroll to reveal the individual cocoons.
  2. Collect the cocoons on a paper towel.
  3. Then place into a water bath with a 10% bleach solution (10 parts water to one part bleach)


Similarly, it is asked, when should I clean my mason bee house?

How to Wash Mason Bee Cocoons: The best time to wash them is between the months of October and December. During this time period, mason bees will not emerge from their cocoon if held at room temperature.

Also, do you have to clean bee houses? It is important to clean out the bee house when the bees are not in the pupa stage of development. While the bee is in the pupa stage it is white and sticky. Handling the cocoons while the bees are sticky can result in a deformed bee. Wings or legs may get stuck to the body and the bee won’t be able to move normally.

Also asked, how do you take care of a Mason Bee House?

Place your bee house near the garden in early spring and follow these timing guidelines and harvesting methods to ensure healthy survival and successful reproduction.

  1. Mason bees need pollen & nectar,
  2. and mud to build chambers.
  3. All pollinators need water.

What do you do with a mason bee house in the winter?

It is important to maintain proper humidity for the bees if you store them in a frost free refrigerator. Put the cardboard box of cocoons or filled wood block inside a plastic bag that you put several small holes in, along with a barely moist paper towel. Close the bag, and put it in the refrigerator.


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