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How do you cut bushes in Pokemon Blue?

Find some bushes, such as the ones in Diglett’s Cave, and stand in front of them. Use the HM by selecting it from your menu. The Pokemon will cut the bushes down.


In this regard, how do you use cut in Pokemon Blue?

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  1. You can get Cut in the ship located at Vermillion City.
  2. Then, teach it to one of your Pokemon that can learn it (Sandshrew, for example, can learn it).
  3. Then, go through Diglett’s Cave to get back to Cerulean City.

Also Know, how do you use cut in Pokemon Blue and Red? Pause the game, go to items, scroll down to the hm, and select it. You will be asked if you want to teach it to a Pokemon. Select the Pokemon you want to teach it to, and confirm.

Simply so, how do I cut bushes in Pokemon Red?

Once you select a Pokemon, the move is automatically learned. Press “A” next to any small bush in the game. A dialog box appears asking if you would like to use Cut. Select “Yes.” The bush is now cut down and you can progress onward.

What TM is cut in Pokemon Blue?

You get HM cut at the end of the ss anne in vermellion city after you rub the captains back and you get HM flash on route 2. To get to it you have to go through digletts cave and go into a building and you will see one of professor oaks aides and he will give it to you if youve caught 10 Pokemon.


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