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How do you keep critters out of your garbage?

How to Animal-Proof Your Garbage Can:

  1. Double Bag It – Using two garbage bags can help keep the scent from escaping.
  2. Windex – Try spraying some Windex on your garbage bags.
  3. Add Mothballs – Raccoons find the scent of mothballs unpleasant.
  4. Tie Down the Lid – Use a bungee cord to tie down your garbage can lid.

Considering this, what can I spray on my garbage to keep animals away?

Vinegar or Ammonia Spray Mix a solution of vinegar and water and pour in a spray bottle. Spray the ground around trash cans and on the outside of cans and lids. Alternatively, use ammonia, with a similarly strong scent, full strength or diluted with water, to make a spray.

Furthermore, how do I stop my dog from eating garbage? 6 Ways to Keep Your Dog From Getting Into the Trash

  1. Keep your trash can inside a cabinet.
  2. Purchase a trash can with a tight fitting lid.
  3. Create a homemade booby trap type of deterrent.
  4. Purchase a deterrent device online or from a store.
  5. Train your dog to stay away from the trash can.

Also, does bleach keep animals away?

People sometimes pour strong chemicals such as bleach or ammonia on outdoor garbage in an effort to keep dogs, cats, opossums, raccoons, and other animals out of their garbage. More importantly, don’t resort to shooting or poisoning animals that look for food in your garbage cans.

What do raccoons hate the smell of?

Raccoons enjoy the dark, so a strategically placed flashlight can be a deterrent. Because they’re also put off by strange noises, playing a small radio may help keep them at bay. Finally, raccoons hate the smell of ammonia, so leave a saucer full of the stuff (or an ammonia-dipped rag) near the creatures’ entry point.


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