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How do you make transparent opaque acrylic paint?

2. Creating an “oil-like” acrylic painting (opaquetechnique)

  1. Use a canvas-covered medium.
  2. Dilute your colors just slightly with water, or use themstraight out of the tube.
  3. Start by applying color to the largest areas, then add thevarious motifs of your composition.
  4. Refine your motifs with finer brush strokes.


Keeping this in view, can you make acrylic paint transparent?

Transparent washes of acrylic paint areparticularly useful for painting large, uniform color areasor for dark-to-light or light-to-dark sections. Acrylicpaint is thinned, or diluted, with water, then applied instraight, concurrent strokes with a broad, flat tippedbrush.

Furthermore, what is the difference between transparent and opaque paint? Opaque paints are more reflective (not to beconfused with “shiny”). They cover and hide what’sunder them. Transparent (or translucent) paints allowmore light to pass through them. They are ‘seethrough’.

Consequently, how do you paint opaque?

To make an opaque paint more transparent: Add amedium designed for the type of paint (acrylic, oil, etc.)that you are working with until it is as transparent as you like.To make a transparent paint more opaque: Mix it withan opaque paint such as titanium white or carbonblack.

What is the most opaque white acrylic paint?

My standard for most opaque (most pigment)Titanium White is Golden ArtistsAcrylics.


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