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How do you match patterned fabric?

Lay your fabric out double thickness, right sides together. Align the selvedges, carefully matching the pattern between top and bottom layers. Fold back the top layer of the fabric about half way up. Check to make sure the pattern on the two layers is still aligned and matching.


Moreover, how much extra fabric do I need to match a pattern?

Two extra inches for each of those three major pieces means you should request six extra inches of fabric, over and above what the pattern envelope calls for. Given that the plaid is small and symmetrical, you can probably get away with leaving the yoke pattern piece sideways and still get it to align with the back.

Similarly, how do you cut patterned fabric straight? To cut it straight is very easy. You can take a ruler with a 90-degree angle (if you have one). Lay the ruler on the fabric so that one its side lines up with the selvage edge and the other side crosses the fabric at a 90-degree angle. Hold the ruler firmly and draw a line with a marker.

Subsequently, question is, what is meant by pattern matching?

Pattern matching in computer science is the checking and locating of specific sequences of data of some pattern among raw data or a sequence of tokens. Unlike pattern recognition, the match has to be exact in the case of pattern matching.

How do you match plaids when cutting out a pattern?

The most important step in matching plaids or stripes while cutting flat is marking your actual pattern piece to indicate the plaid match-points. All you need for this is a ruler and pencil. Align the ruler with the plaid lines or stripes and draw a straight line on the first pattern piece you cut.


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